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How It Works

  1. Login/Setup an account with us! It is completely free and will allow you to access all of the sites features.

  2. Choose the service you would like to receive: (Writing, Revisions, and Résumés). For Grants, Curriculum Vitae (CV) and other writing, please email

  3. Complete the information on the order form.

  •  Name – Your name

  • Phone – Provide the best contact number.

  • Email – The preferred email to receive your completed order.

  • School – List the school you currently attend. (Professionals must type N/A)

  • Subject – Subject related to the order, this helps us find the best writer for the job.

  • Level – Academic level of the person ordering.

  • Deadline – This is the number of days before the order is due, or when it is desired.

  • (Does not include the day it was submitted)

  • If it is past 5PM CST, it is considered the next business day and deduct a day from due date.

  • Date – The calendar date that the order is due.

  • Topic – The topic allows us another chance to find the best writer for the job.

  • File Upload – Please upload a picture or screenshot of the prompt, topic, or assignment. Make sure the picture or PDF can be read easily and that all necessary pages are present.

  • Instructions – Include any special instructions mentioned by the professor, or a preference that you may have.

  • Style – Select a style (MLA, APA, Chicago, Etc….)

  • Referral Source – How did you hear about The Blu Ty Co.? (Friend, School, Social Media, Etc…)

  1. Submit your payment. If you do not, we WILL NOT RECEIVE your order or begin working on it.

  2. Wait for your order to be complete. You should receive an email with the complete order attached.

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